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The bedrock of our practice involves compliance. Our clients are subject to multiple layers of regulation. These include federaland state income tax laws, state and interstate sales tax laws, federal and state employment tax laws and state and local property tax laws. We assist in compliance with tax laws across a broad spectrum of industries and entities. We prepare income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts, estates, LLCs, employee benefit plans and foundations. We prepare gift tax returns, estate tax returns and inheritance tax returns. We prepare payroll tax returns, sales tax returns and property tax renditions.

In addition to compliance with tax laws, we help our clients with day to day operations by processing payroll and accounts payable payments and preparing joint interest billings. We compile financial statements to aid clients in reviewing operating performance and to satisfy lending requirements. We also assist in developing budgets and analyzing cash flow to provide client management with tools to make informed business decisions.

Our clients represent a wide array of industries. We work with attorneys, banks and investors. We serve athletic clubs, construction companies, medical practioners and insurance agencies. Our clients are in farming, retail, travel and oil and gas production.



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